Saturday, November 2, 2013

Toy Clean Out

I love cleaning out toys.  No, I really, really love it.  We have far more than our boys will ever play with in one day and since Logan has been playing the last few months, we have baby toys and big boy toys out. all over the living room.
Today, we cleaned out some of the baby toys that Logan doesn't play with anymore, since he's almost one, he think he's a big kid and should just play with brother's toys.  So Adam cleaned out a big pile o' toys.  I looked at them and broke into tears as I started to put them into a big, black trash bag.  My baby is getting so big!  Both my babies are getting so big.  Adam laughed at me and told me I was crazy, then James looked over and asked, "Why are you crying, Mom?"
I told him that he and Logan are getting so big and even though its silly, it makes Mom sad sometimes.  I told him soon he won't need me at all!  Without taking a beat, James looks at me and says, "Soon me and Baby Logan and Dad will leave you here!"
He was very excited about it.  I'm not sure where they're going, but Mom isn't included!  Maybe I should just look forward to the peace and quiet!


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