Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh, Potty Training

The potty training saga is ongoing at our house.  This has by far been the most challenging part of my parenting journey to date.  I suppose that means that I've been fairly lucky with a laid back kid, who listens relatively well and is a usually a people pleaser.
James is getting better and better with using the potty all the time.  He still puts a fight about it most of the time, but if you tell him to go upstairs and use the potty, he will.  Now when he has an accident he responds, "But I didn't mean to," which is actually pretty cute, even though it means that I'm cleaning up wet undies!  Going to underwear all day, regardless of accidents, has really helped.  He is grumpy when his pants are wet, so he is more likely to actually hold it.  Obviously, he gets a dry pair, but when he's at daycare, that can take a minute or so.  He will still very rarely tell you that he has to potty, but if he goes every 30 to 45 minutes, he's been very successful in his big boy underwear.  I am hoping this trend continues, although he does have days where he just has no interest (like last Thursday when he went through 5 pairs of underwear at daycare).
I should also mention that little boy underwear are really cute?  He just looks like such a big kid, running around in his cartoon character underoos.  My baby is growing up.
James in his Despicable Me undies


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